Redcap Loot

Answer me this.  How are adventurers any different from common bandits?

They kill things and take their stuff.

Is it just the quest objective?

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  1. john

    A clotheshorse (often written as two words, i.e. clothes horse), also known as a winterdyke , a clothes maiden, or a drying rack, refers to a frame (usually wooden, metal or plastic) upon which clothes are hung after washing to enable them to dry.

    I’m guessing the informal use of it as a synonym for Dandy evolved from this. The person becomes the hang clothes on.

  2. john

    Dang, that comment was supposed to go on tomorrows comic

  3. Cedric

    Heh. I suppose I can move your comments to the next day’s comment box…but that currently lies beyond my technical know how. =)

  4. BeetlesBane

    Adventurers have better PR than common bandits do.

  5. thrive68

    also adventurers level up, bandits don’t, or else they would start being adventurers

    • Cedric

      Bandits -> Robber Barons -> Prince of Thieves?

      kinda like pokemon!

      • Shadowclaw

        King John- |||||||

        “Robin Hood, I choose you!” RH-|||||||||

        Robin Hood uses Quick Shot – ‘KJ” |||| ‘RH’ |||||||||
        King John uses Taxation – ‘KJ’ |||| ‘RH’ ||||||||
        Robin Hood uses Slash. Robin Hood is suffering from the effects of Taxation – ‘KJ’ o ‘RH’ |||||||
        King John has fainted!
        Robin Hood has won the battle.

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