Here’s an unordered list of things I still have to do for the site before April 1st.  If anyone has anything to add to the list, let me know. 

  • fix the header (the logo is off by 1 or 2 pixels from the ad)
  • figure out how to remove hovertext from the drop-down menu
  • create a better logo (colored)
  • reconfigure ads (header and buttons for project wonderful, linkshare affiliate, etc)
  • upload D&D content (articles, maps, pregens, book reviews)
  • banners(4+)/forum avatars(10+)/wallpapers(2-3)
  • comic process -add pics
  • edit all pages (grammar, readability)
  • configure the store (cafepress for shirts/items, drivethruRPG for PDFs, premium content with Assetbar, original art with
  • project wonderful advertising campaign

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