Loot the Bodies

I once played a game where the dungeon had an almost impossible to open door.  It was enchanted to resist magic.  It had a fiendishly hard lock that required a skill check beyond the party’s capability.  The door was made of adamantine and couldn’t be damaged by our tools or weapons.

Then one of the players asked the DM how much adamantine is worth.

By weight, over a hundred times the cost of gold we were told.

We asked “The door is set into a stone wall?  How much does the door weigh?”

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

After some time spent calculating the worth of an adamantine door, we spent the next hour chipping that door out of that doorjamb.  That door turned out to be worth more than the rest of the treasure in that dungeon.

Strangely enough, adamantine doors were scarce for the rest of that campaign.

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  1. Beth

    rofl, that is great! Wish my DMs had though of that. >:)

    • Cedric

      That would be a fun way to start an adventure…

      “Your party finds something strange in your bag of holding…”

      Then they’ll need to piece together what they’ve been doing over the past several days like that movie Memento

  2. Korbl

    never under estimate the determination of murderous hobos (ie: adventurers) when shiny expensive stuff is in front of them.

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