Did you know that Hawaii has no hummingbirds?  They naturally pollinate pineapple plants.  However, pollinated pineapples produce hard seeds which humans don’t like.  With pineapples being a major export of Hawaii, hummingbirds are not allowed.  They are self-pollinated and just propogated from offshoots.

If you want to see naturally pollinated pineapples, you’ll need to go to South America.

This strip is actually fairly important in terms of the story line. 

The pineapple trivia? Not so much.

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  1. David Baker

    Were there ever hummingbirds on Hawaii? Or, are they just a non-native species whose importation is banned?

  2. Cedric

    No, there never was any hummingbirds native to Hawaii. But their import (as pets or whatever) is forbidden now because of the pineapple farms.

    I think the only animal actually native to Hawaii is some sort of bat.

  3. Matt T

    Although if there WERE ever hummingbirds in Hawaii, we could name someone a saint for driving them all away and have another cool day for funky traditions and drinks. Everyone must wear a Hawaiian shirt or get pinched, and the drink would of course be Mai Tais or something.

  4. Cedric

    Heh. That reminds me of that commercial where a pub in Ireland was celebrating cinco de mayo.

  5. john

    Humingbirds in pineapple sauce. Yum. ;)

  6. mtm2

    Actually, the evidence that there are no hummingbirds in Hawaii indicates that a saint DID chase them out of the islands!

    Check out [Saint Urho] on the web, the reason there are no grasshoppers in Finland’s grape crops.

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