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Wake Up Service

WotC has released for free their Quick Start Rules that was included in Keep on the Shadowfell. Also available is the actual adventure, Keep on the Shadowfell and the Character Builder program that will allow you to build up to 3rd level characters. It’s a great way to introduce new players to the game.

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Selective Hearing

Happy Earth Day everyone! I spent a bit of time earlier trying to see how I can reduce my carbon footprint.  All I can think of though was the punchline of jokes (“go lose some weight!”, “stop wearing graphite shoes”, etc). Maybe I’ll go get a bicycle… Or maybe I’ll just make a watercolor about the [...]


Luke Surl is a funny single panel humor comic that covers a wide variety of topics. The best comparison I can come up with is the Far Side or Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.  His site can be found at He recently asked for other cartoonists to come do guest strips for him and here’s [...]

I have a section on the site where I’ve placed some downloadable freebies for D&D. One of them is a section called Print and Play maps. Basically, these PDF documents are simple drawings in black and white that you can print out on regular paper and arrange together so you have a grid to play [...]

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So WotC is coming out with Arcane Powers, a new supplement for the game detailing various things of importance to Wizards, Swordmages, Bards and other classes using the Arcane power source. One of the things that will be described in detail are the rules surrounding Familiars. How does this impact the story?  Well, it won’t…much.  [...]

Blissful Ignorance

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