Did you know that insomnia is more common among women than men? 

Snoring is more common among men.

I’m sure there is no connection.

Chatty horses though do not rate high among reasons for insomnia (except among frog familiars named Toad).


This strip is an unintentional act of homage to Calvin and Hobbes.  I say unintentional, because, well… it wasn’t intentional.  :)

Apparently, even though this particular strip was inspired by the time I spent as a camp counselor in college,  the last panel is almost identical to a C&H strip.  I didn’t recall that particular strip until it was pointed out to me, but I know that I’ve viewed it within a few weeks of this strip because the strip next to it is one of several strips that I’m using to figure out appropriate text size and line weights.

Thanks to reader Luprand for catching it.

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  1. streep

    That’s the scariest toad ever.

    (Ok, I fought two death slaads once, and that was also pretty scary.)

  2. Cedric

    Well, try to keep talking to someone when they’re going to sleep and I bet it won’t be pretty either. =)

  3. Shadowfox

    This reminds of a really great Calvin & Hobbes strip.
    Calvin asked Hobbes the same question, and Hobbes had the exact reaction down to the length of the mouth.
    …I’m sure it’s only coincidence.

    • Cedric

      Heh. Apparently, it’s not a coincidence. It wasn’t my intention, but I think I subconsciously copied that expression from Hobbes. I have a partial photocopy of that strip near my desk because I was using the strip next to it to determine line weights (advice from Dave Kellet of Sheldon). I guess I just copied it without realizing it. If any of the future characters in the strip start looking like characters from Sheldon, Girls With Slingshots, or Penny Arcade (also have these printed out and sitting next to my desk to determine line weights), you know what happened – though now that I’m aware of it, I’m consciously trying to avoid doing it :)

  4. Kat

    Lol. I love reading your comments about the strip.
    The strip is good, too, don’t get me wrong.
    But the explanation just makes it worth it.
    And this one made me giggle.

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