Another secret message from Sasha?

Most people know that horseshoes are often used as a symbol of good luck.  This lucky charm can be found anywhere in the world, often hung over doors (and sometimes in cereals featuring leprechauns).

But did you know that there is a “right” way to use a horseshoe for good luck?

You’re supposed to place it so that it must point up so the luck doesn’t “spill out.”

So, if you’re going to be irrational and follow some strange superstition, you should do it right.  It’s only logical.

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  1. Matt T

    that’s also so when it potentially falls, it is less likely to embed itself in someone’s skull, and instead just knock them out (hopefully)

  2. Mark Strecker

    I had always heard that you pointed the horseshoe up to ‘keep the luck’ if it was hung indoors, but that you pointed it down over the front door of your home to ’sprinkle luck upon you’ when it was placed above an exit.

  3. Cedric

    There’s also some superstition attached to witches, that the horseshoe is supposed to keep them away or something?… Witches are allergic to horse accoutrement? Or is it the iron?

  4. Donovan

    It’s the iron, not the horse accoutrement. It’s like the old superstition of vampires being unable to cross running water – that would limit their travel pretty well wouldn’t it. Most fey or evil creatures (as you should know from playing D&D) have some form of weakness to iron.

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