Hat Dispute

A fight, a fight!

In one corner, we have Coco, a celestial warhorse who was specifically bred and trained for combat.

In the other, we have Toad.  An out of shape cave frog who forgot to get his poisoned darts from the hat that Coco is now wearing and now has no weapons.

Anyone willing to bet that it’ll still be longer than the Pacquiao fight?  That frog can hop pretty darn fast for such a round fella.

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  1. George

    Interesting comic. It’s got nice humor plus it keeps the story moving. Good work!

    • Cedric


      It’s a bit of a challenge juggling both humor and plot exposition. Good thing I’m working on the web though…those times where I have just too much plot to cover, I plan on just doubling or even tripling that day’s panel count. I’ve also tried to keep the humor more general, though it is aimed primarily at tabletop gamers.

      One of the best compliments I’ve gotten was from a police officer in Oakland, a D&D gamer, and he told me that his wife read the comic and found it amusing, even though she’s definitely not a gamer (hi to you two if you’re reading this *waves*).

  2. Tony

    All Toad needs to do is (as the challenged party) select “pies” as the weapon of choice for the duel. Coco will get distracted and forget all about the fight.

    • Cedric

      Shhh! You’re revealing Wednesday’s strip already! :)

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