Battle of Wits

No.  I don’t know how Coco got up there either.

What sort of competition will Toad offer Coco?  Rock-Paper Scissors? 

An aside, but Rock-Paper-Scissors is also known as Rochambeau, Roshambo, Jankenpon and lots of other names around the world.  There’s even a championship event held for it in Vegas every year.  Yes, there’s probably betting involved.

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  1. David W. Baker

    Funny, that. I knew a dwarven paladin whose mount had a higher climb score than he. Trying to get up a cliff, he tried to attach a climbing kit to the horse and have it bring the both of them up.

    • Cedric

      I wonder if it’s the same paladin who had a mount that kept failing saves vs. confusion. As an affect of a confusion spell, it needed to attack the closest target, which happened to be the paladin riding on its back!

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