Civilized Duel

The time of Dawn is favored among those seeking to duel in the traditional manner.  Each party brings a second to ensure fair play and there must be a referee.  Two pistols (ideally a matched pair) is then inspected and prepared by the referee to ensure that there is only one bullet.  They then stand back to back and walk a set number of paces.  They follow the referee’s instructions to aim and fire.  If one person shoots before the other person(regardless of hit or miss), then that person must wait, without moving for the other duelist to shoot (if capable of shooting).

That’s right.  If you fire first, and miss or deal a non-deadly wound, you have to wait til the other person has a chance to shoot back.

I dunno.  The fastdraw-and-shoot-at-high-noon style of dueling seems to make more sense to me.

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  1. Mark Strecker

    I loved the strip today. I have to say that overall the strip is fantastic and very very good. Keep it up Cedric! I also want to throw my hat in to encourage you to move to a 5/week strip! I look forward to it each morning.

  2. Cedric

    Thanks for the comments! Much appreciated. As to 5 times a week…that’s currently too much for me to handle right now. I would have to cut back on my D&D playing time, and that’s where I get most of my inspiration for the strip from! Maybe in a couple of years when this site affords me to cut back on some other stuff (like work) :)

  3. Ty-Guy6

    You can tell they are still good friends because Toad lies on Coco (horsepillows!) and Coco lets Toad get at the hat they are fighting over. Good thing draconic law doesn’t require duels to be done with guns.

    Did you roll a real d20 to decide who will get the hat, Cedric? ;)

  4. Cedric

    Ah…that would be telling. :) And if you look carefully, that’s a d12 toad’s holding.

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