Wigs (with or without ribbons on them) used to be popular in the 17th and 18th century among influential men. But a hair powder tax around the 1790s in England and the association of wigs with the aristocracy in France (out of favor at the time) killed the practice.

Can you just imagine famous people today wearing powdered wigs? It’s amusing to picture Brad Pitt or Donald Trump wearing them. At least it’ll be an improvement in Trump’s case (seriously, if the guy has all that money, why can’t he afford a decent haircut?).

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  1. Mark Strecker

    Trump’s haircut has always bewildered me. It’s a modern day “Emperor’s new clothes”, except that when he tells people his haircut is the best money can buy, no one believes him.
    BTW, what does the ‘CJ’ stand for in the strips? I assume it’s Cedric + your middle name, but I wasn’t sure.

    • Cedric

      It’s my first name. Cedric Jason. I have a different middle name as well. Nobody calls me Jason though (well, except my mother when she’s mad).

      I don’t know why, but for a while I was answering to a bunch of different names: Pablo, Fred, Jason, Cedric. I’m strange, i know :)

  2. Bobo the Bard

    Oh … BLACKmail material. hehehehehe

    • Cedric

      Hey, if you start calling me Jason, I’m going to start calling you mom.

  3. Ron Galicia

    Filipino parents? I’ve answered to Joe, Joseph, Gerry, and Geroncio. I guess I should be grateful I escaped my cousins’ plights of being called Mac Mac, Jun Jun, Toink, Girly, Pinky, or Boy Tulok. Pinky and Girly are grownup medical doctors now and they’re still called those. It’s messed up.

    • Cedric

      Are we related? Because seriously, I think I know most of those people :P

  4. Ron Galicia

    They grew up in Manila, Zamboanga, and points in between. Other ancestral names are Flores and Garcia. Only Jun Jun is in the U.S. so far and he calls himself something like Jeff. I still call him Jun Jun.

    • Cedric

      Heh. Doubt it then. I have an uncle Jun Jun and I know someone named Girly (not a doctor). Parents just should not inflict such cruelty on their children.

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