It’s true.  Toad is a cave frog. 

What’s the difference between a toad and a frog?

Frogs have softer, moist skin and need to keep hydrated.  Toads have dry, bumpy skin and can live in dry areas. 

Frogs have small teeth. 

Frogs have longer hind legs and move by longer jumps.  Toads have this strange hop/run thing they do.

Some folks believe that there are no real differences between Toads and Frogs other than subjective and often inaccurate generalities.  Some of these people are scientists that point out that both belong the same family classification.

But we know better.

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  1. Ty-Guy6

    Toad isn’t alone with his inaccurate name. What about that little mushroom-head guy in Mario? At least he was named that on purpose, whereas this comic’s Toad was probably named it in ignorance.

  2. Cedric

    I never knew that the guy with the mushroom head had a name…but googling it shows that you’re correct. Wow. Didn’t know mario had so much fan fiction/art…

    As for Toad’s wizard, yeah. The guy just didn’t know (or care).

  3. Tony

    Perhaps Toad’s wizard was high from licking psychedelic toads when he named him?

  4. Ron Galicia

    Toad’s wizard is merely trying to hide him from French chefs.

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