Air Traffic

Oh no! What’s happened to Toad? Is there a parachute in the hat? Will he get to it on time? Will his itinerary include a messy death by falling?

Stay tuned.

In the mean time, you can read this article on how birds are a danger to planes in modern airports.

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  1. Tony


  2. Ty-Guy6

    Yeah, it doesn’t look like he had enough arm strength to hold on. If I were him I would have insisted on a seat belt or some kind of safety harness.

    Nice goggles, Toad! And I love Coco’s expression in the 4th panel. Kind of a nervous/guilty look.

  3. Dave

    Maybe Toad’s goggles came from his fancy magic hat!

  4. Cedric

    You would be amazed at the contents of that magic hat…:)

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