Ever had a backhanded compliment given to you?  Where someone gives you a compliment, but when you actually think about it, it’s actually an insult?

I sorta see the Miss Congeniality award in beauty pageants the same way.  In a competion where you are judged by your beauty and talent, you are acknowledged as being “nice”.

“Was she pretty?  No, but she had a great personality!”

Yeah.  Great compliment there.

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  1. David W. Baker

    The penmanship in your speech bubbles is very crisp!

    • Ty-Guy6

      It’s true. But that sounds a bit like a backhanded compliment. “Is the webcomic entertaining? No, but the text sure is crisp!” ;)

      Maybe think you should take all compliments as just that: compliments. Don’t take offense, especially where no offense was intended. It’s the thought that counts, eh?

      • Cedric

        Oh, Mr. Baker and I go way back. His humor is both subtle and dry…much like his face! Umm…yeah. Got nothing. Sorry. ;)

    • Cedric

      Hah! The jokes on you. it’s actually pretty poor!…oh wait…

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