Dope on a Rope

Dope on a Rope

The last three strips all sprung from the “dope on a rope” line.  I don’t even know if that really means anything more than a funny sounding rhyme.  :P

I was going to include another one that related tether ball to tethered toad, but even I have limits.  :)

Speaking of which, that reminds me of something that might be considered slightly unusual.  I have never played tether ball.  When I was in elementary school, the teachers were too lazy to put up the tether balls on the poles so they always just made us play kick ball.  I never knew that those poles in the playground was for any sort of game until I was much, much older.  I just thought they were poles for volleyball nets or something.

One of these days I’m going to learn the rules for tether ball, just in case something really important depends on me knowing random games or something (it could happen…just look at Bill and Ted and the challenge of death).  I should probably try to learn the rules for four square while I’m at it.

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Discussion (6)¬

  1. David W. Baker says:

    Ask Ali.

  2. Ty-Guy6 says:

    Wow, somehow Toad’s hat stayed on. This strip reminds me a little of that one scene in Disney’s “The Jungle Book.” You know, where Bagira (misspelled, I know) thinks Baloo is dead, and gives a speech? Except that scene was sad, whereas this is funny.

    • Cedric says:

      I recall that. Just after Baloo fought the tiger right?

      Toad’s hat was held in place by his goggles at the front, so it didn’t fall off.

  3. Matt T says:

    I thought it was soap on a rope. Never heard of dope on a rope before. Sounds like something from todays drug culture…

    • Cedric says:

      Dope = stupid person. Rope = rope. No hidden message here really. :)

      • Bobo the Bard says:

        There is ‘dope on a rope’ and ‘rope a dope’. According to Urban Dictionary, dope on a rope means a moron or something cool. Wiki doesn’t have anything on the first one, but rope a dope was a fighting style used by Ali.

        Isn’t the internet wonderful?