Dun dun dun!…What happened?  Is Sasha dead?  Will she come back as a ghost cat?  Where are the humans?  What are those things on the ground?

I can answer that last question at least.  Those critters are paragon level elementals that I made up using 4e rules.  I’ll post the stats up sometime, but it features a poison that inflicts random elemental damage as well as various gaze attacks.  I don’t have a name for them yet.   Anyone have a suggestion?

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  1. Shonkey

    -le gasp!- The plot thickens!!

  2. Tony

    Cats have nine lives, so they say, but which one is Sasha on?

    • Cedric

      Actually, funny you should ask. I could tell you, but it would be a spoiler so I’m going to refrain :)

  3. EveryZig

    Cats may or may not have nine lives, but the party has a paladin.

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