Frog Trap

Talk about a bait and switch.

Sasha took advantage of Stealth and managed to attack from hiding (gaining combat advantage and +2 to hit).

I’m actually suprised that casters and other ranged attackers don’t use this tactic more. You don’t need to be a rogue or assassin to use stealth.

Familiar Ground is still hovering between the 100 and 101 spot at TopWebComics.

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  1. Sithobi1

    The main reason is that most casters don’t have a high Stealth check(sorcerers?), and spending a move action to gain Stealth means moving into Superior Cover or Total Concealment, which means that your target has at least cover or concealment from your attack(unless you’re in a cloud and can’t see each other, in which case you cannot see your enemy, and thus cannot gain CA anyway). And the -2 penalty from cover/concealment cancels out the +2 to hit.

    • Cedric

      You can use a move action to get full cover/concealment with your move action the first round and use your move action on the second round to gain line of sight (while still retaining some cover/concealment) before attacking. Even without proficiency, you still have a decent chance of beating your target’s passive perception.

      So basically, you can use Stealth for a free +2 to hit every other round.

  2. Tony

    It really depends on the caster. My wizard is always pressed for actions and doesn’t tend to move around very much – too many sustain powers. I’ve never been in a situation with him where it’s been worthwhile to even think about attempting stealth.

    My gnome warlock on the other hand is practically a 3rd ed Arcane Trickster. The gnome racial abilities and the portable concealment of the warlock’s Shadow Walk are all really useful tools for a sneak. He’s even got the feat that lets him stay stealthed if he attacks but misses. And minor action Ghost Sound when invisible or hidden can be loads of fun.

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