As we know it

What?  Another end of the world story?  Sorta.  It is, but it isn’t.

At least we’ll get to follow along with the antics of Toad, Sasha and Coco as they stumble towards the  apocalypse that isn’t…

Here ends chapter 1.

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  1. rgalicia

    3rd panel makes her look like she’s on a date.

  2. Cedric

    Why did you have to go there?

  3. David W. Baker

    Maybe because above the strip is a pic of Chewy spooning Han. Sasha and a one-eyed monster doesn’t seem so strange after that image.

    • rgalicia

      “Those aren’t pillows!”

      • Cedric

        LOL. I’ve asked that particular advertiser to switch ads before. But since he won’t listen, I’ve since banned him from advertising on this site.

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