Bill of Sale

Both Toad and Coco fail their insight checks.

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  1. Tony

    They both failed Insight checks? Lets see, since familiars use their controlling character’s skill modifiers, I think it’s safe to say that toad’s wizard isn’t an orb wizard. You’d think that Coco’s paladin’s base Wisdom modifier would at least give him a little horse sense….guess he just rolled low and didn’t have a That’ll Do card.

    • Sithobi1

      Or he could just be a Baladin without training. A 1/2 level +1 or 2 isn’t going to do a whole lot.

      Orb wizards often won’t be trained in Insight, either; wizards tend to like knowledge skills.

      • Cedric

        Toad’s Wizard is not an orb wizard. What kind exactly has yet to be revealed, but he certainly is not trained in insight either…

  2. Merion

    Coco gets an Insight check? Coco? Seriously?
    I always had the impression Coco rolled a natural 1 for Insight on character creation ;)

    • Cedric

      Just because you have a huge negative modifier to your insight doesn’t mean you don’t get a roll…might not make much of a difference, but you still get to roll :)

  3. Bobo the Bard

    naaa… John just has a good bluff … um, I mean diplomacy check.

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