Gate Guard

Aaaand, that’s a failed Intimidate check.  I think it’s fairly safe to say that the fellows have failed this current skill challenge…

The best example of a gate-construct that I’ve seen is probably the one in Labyrinth (you know, the movie from the 80s with David Bowie?).

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  1. Dan

    Yeah, that was awesome. One of the best parts of the movie, even. I was going to do something similar as a holloween costume. I used to carry my daughter in one of those front carriers (like the Baby Bjorn, as seen in Sex and the City). I was going to dress up as a robot (cardboard boxes and dryer tubes), and attach something like a hand levers for her to grab, sort of a master-blaster, steampunk homunculus. She probably would have needed a bandana and some goggles.

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