Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

Apparently, food isn’t the only thing that takes up Coco’s brain space.  Clothes and accessories also take up a goodly portion.  He also has a collection of different horseshoes as well.

Speaking of horseshoes, did you know that they come in various shapes?  The type of shoe a horse uses depends on the type of work it’s doing.  There’s actually a slight controversy regarding the use of horseshoes.  Some feel that horses don’t need them and that it’s better for them to go without it.

Coco’s current shoes are mithril, lined with both cold iron and silver (for those random fey and lycanthrope encounters).

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  1. streep

    Tanar’ri Stompers! My paladin sucked for so long at low level…. but the horse kicked ass!

  2. streep

    By the way, Coco also needs adamantine.

  3. Parou

    Always used shoes on hard/stony surfaces… no shoes in sand….. nowadays we use padded ‘booties’ in a lot of situations…
    Like the idea of the lined mithril shoes…..dang costly though!

  4. Merion

    So… um… no more comics?

    • Bobo the Bard

      Apparently, the bad guys won and the world came to an end.

    • David W. Baker

      I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Cedric announced a holiday break on the December 18th episode. Are you so anxious that you can’t wait until January?

      OK, I have to admit, I am anxious. I cannot believe that Sasha accepted Toad’s marriage proposal, and Coco’s cliffhanger revelation is just unbearable!

      • Merion

        Are you pulling my leg? I can’t find any strip dating after Oct. 26 on the website.

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