I took a few screenshots of the Cataclysm beta as I played recently.

Here’s my 13th level worgen warlock with his Felguard!  Apparently, you can get it as early as 10th level now.

Here’s my Worgen again riding into Gilneas.

Look!  You can fly in the old world areas now!  This one is from Wailing Caverns in the Barrens.

Part of the Barrens is now full of greenery and new wildlife.  Notice the tauren caught in the tentacle?  Why use cow dung for fertilizer when you can use the whole cow?

I also dropped by Mount Hyjal, but forgot to take pictures of the big tree.  Saw the well of eternity though.  I decided to see what was at the bottom of it.

If you attempt to do this, keep in mind that you can drown.  It took more than half my breath bar to get to the bottom, so you can’t make it down and back up. You’ll need some waterbreathing magic (or use a hearthstone once you’re at the bottom which is what I did).

Oh, and this glowing blue stone was at the bottom.  Don’t know the lore behind it though.

I’ll try to take more screenshots later.

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  1. Silvestra

    Thanks for these, very cool. :)

  2. Cedric

    If anyone wants me to explore somewhere, just give the word.

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