Professional Versus Amateur

With the increase in ebooks and other forms of electronic media it is becoming increasingly easier to self publish your own stories, games, or collection of comic strips and art. I recently had asked a book publisher acquaintance on what she thinks a publisher can offer an author these days, especially one who primarily wants to publish outside the realm of print media.

Her main argument for publishers remaining relevant is that being published with one lends an air of legitimacy to the work. She didn’t argue the money angle, because she was honest enough to know that she wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if she tried that route.

With regards to ebooks, self-publishing authors can actually do better for themselves than going through a publishing house. They can buy cover art, hire an editor, and do the layout themselves. In return, they keep a larger percentage of book sales.

It’s a rather scary world we live in right now for publishers of books and traditional media.

For artists and creative types however, technology and social media is blurring the line between amateurs, those who do something for the love of it, and professionals, those who make a living with their work. It’s never been a better time to do something creative.

If you are thinking of doing something creative, now is the time to do it. And if that means that you can write off a trip to GenCon next year, so much the better! :)

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  1. Tonus

    Never undertip an assassin!

    • Cedric

      Am I crazy, or does “undertip” sound like a 4e combat maneuver ;)

  2. Tonus

    DM: You gather with several other seedy looking adventurers in the local tavern “The Greasy Pentacle.”

    Player: OK, I use my Undertip encounter power, thereby changing the attitude of the barmaids to “hostile”.

  3. Greg

    Workplace security policy FTW. The comic did not appear for me, I hunted it down to find out why.

    The requested web page is categorized as XXX-Sexual Content.

    • Cedric

      Thanks for the heads up. Apparently a comment got past all the spam filters and put up a link. It was removed this morning.

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