Time Goat

I don’t know why, but the idea of goats with time altering powers just strike me as funny.

I envision them developing the ability to manipulate time to both escape predators as well as to get enough food to eat (by speeding up the growth of plants).

They probably fit best in the feywild, since it seems that most magical creatures seem to come from there.

There are probably teleporting cows in the feywild, so why not time twisting goats?
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  1. Flip

    Cows with halberds…

    • Cedric

      Still better than barbarian octopi wielding battle axes.

  2. EveryZig

    Typo: “The lady of destiny sometimes appear[s?] to mortals”
    Sorry it this sounds nitpicky.

    • Cedric

      But…I’m using it as a non-copular verb…and sometimes is an adverb…and…and…
      * waves magic wand *
      …and I don’t know what you’re talking about. Obviously the first panel has ‘appears’.


  3. Bobo the Bard


    Never mention the flying barbarian octopi with the battle axes.

    Really, never mention them.



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