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I was tempted to name this strip Humpty and Dumpty based on those last two panels.

Speaking of which, I’ve always thought of Humpty Dumpty as a simple nursery rhyme involving an egg and a bunch of horses and knights. Apparently it has a deeper meaning (and also used to be a riddle).

Nursery rhymes are pretty good sources of adventure ideas. Take Humpty Dumpty for example. PCs could be the “king’s men” in the poem. Humpty Dumpty would be an artifact of some sort. Perhaps an intelligent construct that empowers “the wall”, which is a magical seal that guards the kingdom from an extraplanar incursion? It breaks (perhaps due to treachery) and the PCs have to gather components for it, only to find out after the initial attempts that some of the parts are impossible to obtain and the PCs would need to find some other way to seal “the wall”. Once done (or during their tasks) they would have to find out why “Humpty Dumpty” broke in the first place and deal with that.

That’s at least a dozen hours of game time right there based on a 4 line nursery rhyme.

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  1. Paladin7

    There was a 1st edition set of modules that dealt with “Alice in Wonderland” and another that had a nursery rhyme settings. Your remarks reminded me of the fun and surprise on my players faces when they realized where in the “world” they were.

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