Toad Fighting Style

Have you ever considered what fighting style (if any) you would take up if your real self were to be transported to a fantasy world?

Do you think it corresponds to the character archetypes that you tend to favor when playing first person shooter games?

If so, then according the intro session of Oblivion(Elder Scrolls), I’m gonna end up with an even mix of melee, ranged, stealth and magic use.

Personally though, I think I would favor ranged attacks and magic more. If summons in this fantasy world had no repercussions (i.e. no sacrifices or hidden pacts needed), then I think I would prefer to not get close enough to be exposed to melee combat and rely on summoned creatures to do my fighting.

Actually, I’d probably rely on summons for out of combat things as well. Having a water elemental clean your laundry and wash your dishes sounds pretty good to me.

So, my fantasy world fighting style? – The Way of the Lazy Master (i.e. couch potato with extra minions).

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