The Author

Hello there. My name is Cedric Atizado. Thanks for reading Familiar Ground.

I currently live (and grew up in) the San Francisco Bay Area, but was born in the Philippines.

This strip is a product of my interest in story telling.  I have  a world full of characters to share, and after looking at various creative expressions, this seemed like the best way to do it.

I don’t really consider myself an artist or a cartoonist, since I haven’t had any formal training in anything art related.  I consider myself more as a storyteller.  I am practicing my drawing skills every day though, but it is a new skill set that I’m still in the process of developing. So all you readers out there get the chance to see the growth of my drawing skills from ground zero.

Who are my influences? I’m not purposely copying anyone’s art style directly, but I do like the look of a lot of black and white comic strips and admit that they’ve affected my art. Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes is one such comic. I recall purchasing one of his books from a bookstore, one of the first book purchases I ever made, and it had a profound effect on me growing up.  Other strips that have influenced me and how I draw my comic include Sheldon, Order of the Stick, and Nodwick.

I’m also using this site to feature some game development work. Many of my friends know I like to tweak or create new rules items for various RPGs and I figure this is a great way to share them with other people.

Although I do consider myself a gamer, I don’t play many console games.  I don’t play too many computer games these days for that matter, though I do still have a World of Warcraft account. I also play a lot of D&D through the RPGA, a game organization that Wizards of the Coast (the company that puts out D&D) runs. Thanks to connections I made through that organization, I was able to do some playtesting for WotC (my name is in the back of the PHB!).

I’ve also helped organize various gaming conventions and similar events over the years, ranging in size from a few dozen people to a few hundred.

For those familiar with the RPGA, I was one of the Triad in charge of the Pale in the last days of LG.

If you want to contact me, go to this page.

If you have any suggestions regarding the art, story or other features of this site, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Constructive criticism is always welcome.  I might not follow what people tell me, since I have a specific vision for this story, but I do listen to any feedback given as long as it does not impact that.

And if you like the strip as is, feel free to let me know as well :)

Thanks for reading Familiar Ground.


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