The Characters

The comic strip centers around the three main characters:  Toad, Coco and Lady Sasha.



Toad is a frog familiar to a very powerful and mysterious wizard.  So mysterious that Toad really has no idea what he’s up to.  All he knows is that his wizard is on a quest to recover some powerful artifact.

Toad’s most prized possession is his magical red hat.


Lady SashaLady Sasha

 Lady Sasha is an old soul…literally.  She doesn’t speak much of her past, though she has mentioned that she is connected in some way to an arcane university.  She accompanies Mistress Allanna, a loreblade dancer who is deadly with both spell and sword.

Her magical collar allows her to use a few magical cantrips.

CocoCoramis Covanaugh

Coramis Covanaugh, or “Coco” as he prefers to be called, is a bonded paladin mount, summoned from the divine plane of Mount Celestia to accompany his human in battle.  He enjoys fighting, though he prefers to use his martial skills only against evil creatures (and mean people).  His Knight is a Paladin trained in draconic Sorcery, and knows magic  rituals that allow Coco to shapeshift into various forms for different tasks.  Commonly assumed forms include: a five-headed hydra, a pegasus, a unicorn and the occasional manatee.

Coco is inordinately fond of his smooth, flowing mane and tends to keep it (or some form of it) regardless of his shape.

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