The Story

Individual strips are for sale.  Check the list below.  If a strip is sold or pending, this will be noted after the strip date.  If there’s no notation, then the strip is available!  Contact me if you wish to purchase one.  How the actual strips look like can be seen in the comic process here.

The story so far…

Introduction (2 March 2009 to 18 March 2009, 13 strips)

Toad, Coco and Lady Sasha are out in the wilderness somewhere.  They are accompanying their humans on a quest of some sort.  None of the animal companions seem to know exactly what’s going on, but that doesn’t stop them from pointing out each other’s character flaws.

Chapter 1 (19 March 2009 to current)

The current story.

Details about various equipment and familiar abilities are revealed.

Special/Sunday Strips (Random)

    (please note that Sunday or special strips are not part of the ongoing storyline)

  • Pi Day 2009 March 14, 2009 *

Strips are currently priced at $45.

*Special/Weekend/Double size strips are priced at $55.

Please note that reproduction/licensing rights are not given by the purchase of the original art, just the coolness factor of owning your own Cedric original.  Trust me, that’s a lot of coolness right there.  ;)

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