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Sorry for the unexpected delays in updating. June was a strange month for me and just when I thought I would be able to catch up, I got sick. I’ve got the previous 15 strips lettered but uninked. I’ll try to get them up as soon as I can. I apologize for the delay. PS [...]

A coughing flu that lasted two years! Still feeling a bit ill folks, so you’ll have to deal with these penciled sketches for a bit while I recover.  I’ll go back and update them (as well as the blog) over the next week or so.  I used to have a two week buffer on this [...]

Whether you’re snug at home or out and about, I hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday season. PS.  Thursday’s strip will be up later than normal.  Strips have been penciled until next week, but cough medicine is making it hard for me to concentrate on inking right now.  We’ll see how it turns out [...]

It’s December 7th, which means Cataclysm is here!  Cataclysmic! There’s tons of new content, so what should you do first? If you’re not planning on starting a new character (and who are we kidding, everyone’s gonna at least try out a new goblin or worgen), then there are a few things you should keep in [...]

Okay, so I haven’t logged on to World of Warcraft for some time. I did so today for about an hour (needed a break from nanowrimo writing). Apparently there’s a world event happening right now with rifts opening up all over Azeroth and elementals generally making a nuisance of themselves. I found this out by [...]

So I attended the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco last week, October 16-17. I had fun attending the various workshops and seminars for comic creators, which was my primary purpose. While there, I decided to acquire as many artist cards as I can (artist cards are basically small pieces of original art, the main [...]

Deathwing in Stormwind? Hope he didn’t burn the cat lady’s cottage just outside the entrance…


This might be of interest to some of you. Larry Elmore, R.A. Salvatore, and Ed Greenwood play D&D using the essentials rules with Chris Perkins DMing. Parts 2 to 10