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I was clearing some shelf space in my room when I came across this:

It’s still in its shrink wrap.  It’s an RPGA reward that I got some time ago and I just haven’t had time to play it.  Since I have a standing invite from a couple of groups to play it, and the DMs [...]

A friend of mine just released a new app for the iPhone/iPad!
It’s called Drums of War.
A great accessory for your 4e games.  It can store characters, prepare encounters and helps run combats!
It really has too many features for me to do a proper review right now, so go check out a full list of features [...]

So WotC changed some stuff again in their July 2010 rules update for D&D.
One change that caught my eye though was the change to Magic Missile.
It’s now an effect to do damage (2+Int, increasing to 3+Int at 11th and 5+Int at 21st).
My first thought was “Neat! auto hit like magic missiles used to do.”
Then I [...]

This is a book review of Azagar’s Book of Rituals, a D&D 4e compatible rules supplement by Goodman Games.
160 pages, softbound, list price $14.99. Color cover, B&W interior.
ISBN 978-0-9841127-1-5
About a year ago I was browsing the enworld forums and on a whim decided to peruse the industry news section. I came across an [...]

WotC has updated some much needed items from the Player’s Handbook, Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide and Martial Powers.
A few of the changes include:

Rain of Blows – two attacks at 1[w] with a third attack if you meet the prereqs (no need to hit).
Righteous Rage of Tempus – only adds the crit bonus damage rather than [...]

Free RPG day is this Saturday, June 20th.
What does that mean?  It means you can visit most game stores around the country and they’ll have free swag for you provided by various game companies, including WotC.
WotC’s contribution is an Eberron adventure by Keith Baker.
Here’s a list of participating stores:


A friend just sent me a link to a site where a guy has original art inspired by Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures.
I found them all amusing, but was especially tickled by this one:


Here is a short list of encounter powers in 4e that I think need fixing.
#5 Unicorn’s Touch (Arcane Power, Swordmage Utility 6) – This power allows healing without using any healing surges. Surgeless healing isn’t supposed to be that common at these levels, and most healing powers like this at these levels usually only work [...]

WotC has released for free their Quick Start Rules that was included in Keep on the Shadowfell.
Also available is the actual adventure, Keep on the Shadowfell and the Character Builder program that will allow you to build up to 3rd level characters.
It’s a great way to introduce new players to the game.


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I have a section on the site where I’ve placed some downloadable freebies for D&D. One of them is a section called Print and Play maps.
Basically, these PDF documents are simple drawings in black and white that you can print out on regular paper and arrange together so you have a grid to play [...]

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