Community Milestones

Currently this site is at the hobby stage, so the amount of time I’ll be devoting to this strip depends on the amount of interest people are showing for it.

Currently, the plan is to only update the comic three times a week (MWF). At each readership Milestone, I’ll post a poll to see how to expand the site.

The Milestones are:
2,000 readers
5,000 readers
10,000 readers
20,000 readers
and another Community Milestone for every 10,000 readers after that. These numbers are average values for the past month.

At each Milestone, the community gets to decide via polls how to expand the site. Here are some examples (contact me if you think I should add something):
* Add an extra comic per week
* Add a forum
* Add a store
* Add a colored Sunday strip
* Add more wallpapers
* Add more forum avatars
* Add more RPG downloads
(other options to be added later)

We are currently at Milestone #0

The next Milestone is 2000 readers.

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