D&D Stuff

Hey there!  What’s this section for you say?  Why, this is the section of the website where I talk about various RPG games (mostly D&D).  I helped playtest the most recent D&D book (you can see my name in the back of the 4e PHB book!) and it got me excited about fiddling with rule systems and game mechanics.

So what can you expect to see here?

  • Blog posts about D&D and RPGs
  • Ready to play maps
  • New monsters
  • Ready made encounters
  • New player options (powers, feats, races, etc.)
  • Reviews on gaming and fantasy/sci-fi books
  • Articles about game play tips, both as a player and in running a game
  • Links to D&D resources

I’ll also be featuring anything else that readers want that I might be able to write up!  So if you want to see something, feel free to let me know.

I’ll also be submitting some freelance work in various magazines and game publishers, so I’ll be using you guys to do a little open playtesting for me.  ;)

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