Who are you?
Hi!  My name is Cedric Atizado.  If you want more info about me, go here.   If you want to contact me, go here.
Are you the guy responsible for this website?
Yup.  I write and draw the strips and fiddle around with the website.  If you want to know more about my process, go here.
What is this?
This is a free online cartoon strip following the antics of a group of animal companions as they accompany their humans on an epic fantasy quest.  The story archive is here.  There will also be some stuff of interest to D&D players.  Readers can download computer wallpapers here.
How often do you update?
For the time being, the strip will be updating every weekday, five times a week.  The Blog and D&D content will be updated on a random basis, but usually at least once a week.
What’s the age range of readers suitable for viewing this site?
I plan on keeping this site fairly family friendly.  If it’s too much for prime time television, then you won’t see it here either.  Actually, it’s probably a bit more family friendly than that considering the level of television these days.
What’s up with the advertising on the site?
Did I mention that this site was free?  The ads go towards paying for hosting and art supplies.
No.  I meant how do I advertise on this site?
Oh, that’s totally different.  You can either click on the bottom of the Project Wonderful ads and advertise through that, or you can contact me to arrange something directly.  Various options are available, including featuring the characters of this strip for custom advertising banners.  If you have a business related question regarding this site, such as advertising, please email [email protected]
Do you accept guest strips or reader submissions?
Reader submissions of art about this strip is greatly appreciated.  Guest strips are not likely to be used in place of the regular strips, but will go up in the reader submissions section, so are also welcome.
I have a question regarding the store…
Considering that the store isn’t up yet, I don’t quite know what to tell you here…except that it’s coming soon?
Is your story based on D&D?
Yes and no.  A lot of the inspiration for the strip comes from a lot of D&D play through the RPGA, but the world that the strip takes place in doesn’t correspond exactly to any D&D world.  However, I do plan on translating some of the encounters, classes, races and other things that the characters encounter into 4e rules and will be made available for download.  Some inspiration also comes from World of Warcraft.
How long do you plan on making this strip?
As long as there are readers, I’ll be writing and drawing…so tell a friend!
Hey, I like your strip.  Can I forward it to my friends?
Yes please! You can even Digg or forward it to whatever social sites you want (the share link is on the bottom of every comic and article update).
Can I put a link to your site?
Sure!  There are also free forum avatars and banners you can download here.
Can I put your comic into my magazine/newspaper/article or other work?
  • As long as your work isn’t for commercial purposes, you can use Familiar Ground strips as long as you attribute the source (or better yet, provide a link to this site).
  • If you want to put a strip or two in your site or blog, you don’t need special permission as long as you properly attribute the strip to this site (even if you  run advertising on your blog).
  • Non-profit publications or school newspapers that wish to run Familiar Ground strips in their publication should contact me directly for access to higher resolution strips suitable for print.
  • If you want to use any of the characters or images on this website for a commercial endeavor (i.e. make money off it), then the above doesn’t apply and you’ll need to contact me at [email protected] .
  • D&D related material is the trademark of Wizards of the Coast and is used under the Game System License and is not part of the CC license.
Are your original cartoon strip art for sale?
Yes they are.    A complete list of which strips are available are available at the story archive here. Note that reproduction or licensing rights are not given with the sale of original art.  Just the coolness of knowing you own an original, one of a kind piece of art.  Trust me, it’s really cool.  :)

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