Oh noes!  Who got hit?  Tune in tomorrow to find out who gets voted off this island.

Speaking of onomatopoeia, did you know which one is officially used for the Tardis on Dr. Who?  It’s Vworp! Vworp!  At least, according to the official Dr. Who comics.

Speaking of Dr. Who, I know some people who dislike the series because of the sometimes cheesy props and sets used.  What these people fail to realize is that in some respects, Dr. Who is very much like a stage play where the story matters more than the verisimilitude of the equipment used.

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  1. Slaymore

    I think I got it! the dog is Cassandra! and she is controlling the seer!

    • Cedric

      Heh. The dog wags the seer? Good guess, but nope. :)

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