Feel free to right click and save to your computer any of the stuff listed on this page.

1st Level Pregen Characters

Great for convention organizers or one-off games.

  • Coming Soon!
  • Ready to Play Maps

    Predrawn maps that you can download, print and play on (make sure to use the “print full size” option on your printer selection).  These are simple drawings in black and white.  Perfect for when you forget to bring your battlemat.

  • Blank Grid
  • Forest 1
  • Forest 2
  • Campsite
  • Forest Road 1
  • Forest Road 2
  • Battlefield
  • Forest River
  • River
  • Road split
  • Stone Circle
  • Forest Cave Entrance
  • More Coming Soon!
  • Monster Stats

    Various monsters you can use in your campaign.

  • Coming Soon!
  • Quick Encounters

    A one page description using the Ready-to-Play Maps and Monster Stat downloads to create a quick encounter you can drop in the middle of your regular gaming sessions.

  • Coming Soon!
  • Player Options

    New classes, class options, items, feats and powers.

  • Magebeast Race Playtest Aug 2010
  • Random Tables

    Who doesn’t like rolling more dice?

  • Coming Soon!
  • Living Campaigns

    Tools and forms useful for those playing in living campaigns.

  • Living Campaign Logsheet
  • .