Dance Elf Boy, Dance

Elven blade dancers combining martial skill and magic are pretty popular in D&D.  The recent Neverwinter campaign sourcebook brought it back (though Swordmages were already around, their focus on Int/Str or Int/Con didn’t really fit the previous lore).

Thinking about elven blade dancers though, I can’t decide how it would look like.  A martial art form that combines dance with weapon fighting.  Would it be similar to Capoeira?  Eskrima?  Break dancing?

Given that elves are involved though, it probably looked like this:


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  1. Glew

    How about the Heroes of M&M 5 kind of blade-dancer elves?

  2. G

    Updates coming way to slow, without explaination. Great story line losing it’s edge. I am sorry enjoyed what I read but I can no longer come here everyday for nothing. My advice since long absences are easy for you, in that time build up a large buffer portfoilio then whe you get back to posting you’ll have lots to fall back on and keep getting new ones ready while the back log run through.

    • Rivy52

      i totally agree with G. the updates are way to sporadic. took over a month last time to do an update. love the story, but some consistency would b nice.

  3. Gaz Hunter

    *Tap tap* Hello? Is this thing on? Are you okay? Are they okay?

  4. Glew

    Cedric, if you need to take a break, it’s cool. But please let us know, so we know what to expect. Are you going to be on hiatus for 1 week, for a couple weeks, months, years? Did you just stop completely?

  5. thor

    Now first of all let us hope that the author is all right.
    Sure updates are slow, but well real life is a wee bit more important than pleasing us peasant readers ;-)

    Nonetheless, some of the readers might actually be worried about the author and not about their pleasure so it would be good to receive some sign of life from the author.

  6. Cajuncelt

    Cedric’s fine. I’ve seen him within the last couple of weeks. I mean, he could have a cold or something right now, but he’s not deathly ill or anything like that.
    I, like everyone else here, enjoy this strip, but in the last two months or so, I’ve clicked on some of the ad banners and found other web comics that I’m enjoying. This last unannounced hiatus by Cedric especially given what I actually know has cost him my continued support.
    For the rest of you, I recommend “The Deadlys” at, Wannabe Heroes at (though they are between seasons right now, the writer is updating at least once a week with minor bits and to let us know that he’s still alive), and if you like a little cheesecake Grrl Power at I’ve also recently started another one called Twice Blessed at, but I haven’t formed a strong opinion on it yet.
    I love you Cedric and you started strong, but I”ve been dropping Marvel Comics series left and right for the same reason lately.

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