Faint of Stomach

Speaking of fainting, have you seen these goats?  Funniest thing ever?  Or funniest thing ever?

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  1. Mascii

    Power word: faint :D

    • Cedric

      That’s actually a pretty nifty idea for a spell. Similar to PW:Sleep, but not as strong maybe?

      • Mascii

        Yeah, you can make it 1 or 2 levels lower.

  2. Glew

    Hey Cedric! Why did you hide that vote button? I was thinking all the time “I wonder why Familiar grounds isn’t up on TWC. I would certainly vote for it if it was.” And now I see the small, insignificant button hidden there. You should make it more visible ;)

    • Cedric

      Any suggestion as to where?

      • Glew

        Well, right bellow the strip if you could do that (I don’t know the limitations of this kind of stuff). If you can’t put it under the strip, then maybe on the right side on the top, above the Amazon search. And maybe you could draw it a new art, something bigger and more eye-catching.

  3. EveryZig

    Mascii reminds me.,..
    Q: What is it called if you use word of pain repeatedly
    A: A death sentence!

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