Old sketches

Someone asked me how long I’ve been drawing, and the answer is a tad embarassing. 

I’ve only been drawing for perhaps 5 months or so.  Prior to that, I wasn’t even sketching or doodling for fun.  The last art class I took was probably in 7th grade.

So drawing this strip involved learning a whole new skill set for me and I’m still developing my style.  Expect the characters to change over time.  Even now I can see signficant differences between what I’m drawing now and my initial sketches a few months ago.

 Here’s a few initial sketches on scratch paper:



The above was from around late October 2008.  As you can see, I decided to make Toad slightly leaner and younger looking.



This was from around the same time period.

Basically I knew what my characters were, their personalities and how they interacted, but how they actually looked like was one of the last steps in the process.

I sorta like with how they look like now, but I’m still working for more consistency between panels.

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