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The D&D name Duergar evolved from the Norse name for dwarves, Dvergar.

In Norse mythology, they were known for living underground as well as their greed, craftsmanship, and knowledge.

Interestingly, they weren’t really described as being short until the 13th century. Prior to that time, they were generally described as being human sized (and in fact, were sometimes used interchangeably with dark elves).

Dwarves that weren’t short. That’s kinda like halflings that are not half the height of humans, an oxymoron…unless you’re playing 4e.

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  1. Glew

    -Magenta dwarves? Ugh, thanks for the mental image.

    -By the way, why the repetitions? Three times.
    -Three times?
    -Three times. ;P

  2. MrTT

    who would be dumb enough to sell it instead of wearing it?
    it is literally priceless!

    • Cedric

      Well, if the mortal in possession of it knows that the godly office it grants has a lot of strings attached…

      • EveryZig

        I see what you did there (strings attached to the tapestry of fate). The ‘dwarfs originally not short and kind of like dark elves’ thing reminds me of Morrowind, in which the dwarfs actually were dark elves (and not short)…

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