Fool Me Twice

Either Toad is very trusting, or Coco just rolled a nat 20 on a diplomacy roll.  Considering Toad’s nature, it’s probably the latter.

That bird look familiar?  Coco provides the answer in earlier strips: /2009/04/22/horseshoes/

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  1. Ty-Guy6

    He/she is either glowing with magic or is encased in a transparent gel-like substance. I think I will call her amoebabird!

    Ooh. Toad’s expression and posture remind me of when I was playing volleyball and jumped for it at the same time somebody else did. You think sand is soft? Not when you get your head knocked down onto it.

    • Cedric

      Hmm…amoebabird + recent news about expanding jellyfish populations, has just sparked an idea for a future strip… :)

      Heh. My 10 year old self thought that water was soft…until a bellyflop competition taught me otherwise.

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