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The hunt for Gollum

I’m a fan of Tolkien. I even read the Silmarillion and the tales of farmer Giles of Ham.

I was excited when I ran across this.

It’s a 40 minute indie film that someone made detailing the hunt for Gollum. For those of you that watched the movies, but didn’t read the books, this mainly concerns Aragorn as he tracked down Gollum (Gollum left his caves to look for Bilbo, was caught, but escaped from the Elves) and takes place just before Aragorn was sent to meet up with the Hobbits in Bree.

It’s got great production values, especially considering they did all of it for only $5000.

I want to see Tom Bombadil next. On the other hand…after seeing him in the Lord of the Rings Online Game…probably not. I can’t describe how annoying it is for someone to be constantly dancing and singing while you’re trying to talk to them.

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