I remember reading about the Fight or Flight response in basic psychology in college.  It is the body’s natural reaction to a surprise or potential danger.  It basically prepares you for either running or fighting by making your body undergo several physical changes, including (but not limited to): an increase  in heart rate and lung activity, dilation of blood vessels, relaxation of the bladder and evacuation of the colon.

Thankfully, Toad did not exhibit those last two conditions.

In Familiar Ground news, we’re still holding steady at the 100 spot over at TopWebComics.  Those voting can learn some trivia about the strip.

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  1. rgalicia

    “My colon and I evacuated together. Ba dump bump.”

    By the way, have you thought about posting (if not strips, related artwork) on to get more exposure?

    • Cedric

      Heh. I haven’t really looked too closely at deviantart, but I get the impression that most of the people there are trying to do more fine art stuff rather than the doodles that I’m doing. I consider myself more a storyteller than an artist.

      Given that, I might still check it out. But it’s not a priority in the long list of stuff I still have to do for this site.

  2. Sithobi1

    But he’s so far away from his master…He should disappear.

    • Cedric

      Toad isn’t exaclty a 4e familiar. There are 4e familiar versions in this world, but Toad is somewhat unique for story reasons.

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