Kobold Troubles

Why isn’t She-ra called She-woman? And why does she get the honor of greyskull and not the power? I’m sure she would like a bit of power now and again.

In any edition of D&D, high strength doesn’t normally corrolate with a lower to-hit bonus (unless you’re playing a 3e Hulking Hurler build). So this joke doesn’t exactly work if going by those rules. Let’s just pretend that he’s low level (otherwise, why would he be fighting kobolds?) and call it a day, huh?

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  1. John

    I think you’ve discovered the real reason why high level fighters don’t get experience for killing kobolds!

  2. Cedric

    Heh. I had a mental image of the governator as conan when I was drawing this, except in a business suit and he’s fighting special interest groups. Still appropriate imo.

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