Pi Day 2009

Note that special and Sunday strips are not part of the regular storyline.

Happy Pi Day!

I drew the lineart above so I can try my hand at watercolor.  I thought I should post it so you all can see the before and after pictures.

Your random useless fact of the day:  There are 8 other characters in the greek alphabet that have fallen out of use – Digamma, San, Qoppa, Sampi, Stigma, Sho, Heta and Pikachu.  This information was gleaned from wikipedia.  Depending on how fast you can double check this factoid, there might only be 7 characters rather than 8 (do it now!).

Edit:  The physical sketch for this strip is 11″ x 14″ to answer someone’s email.

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  1. John

    Pikachu, haha. Stigma, I doubt. I think you made this whole thing up. San and Sho sound Japanese. A Digamma is a hot woman who takes digital pics of her self and posts them on publically accessible, as in “The out the digmamma in the wet t-shirt”. Qoppa is a currency from some star trek (TNG?) As in “Pay me the five Qoppa you owe me”

  2. Cedric

    Heh. Strangely enough, only Pikachu is made up (really, check the wiki post on pi).

    The rest are greek characters that have fallen out of use or were only used in certain regions of Greece.

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