Roll Off

Roll Off

Grats to the lucky winner!  I’m sure he’ll enjoy the hat for years to come.

In 3e and earlier, the 12 sided dice is perhaps the least used dice of the 6 commonly found on the gaming table.  That’s why I’ve adapted to using my d12s as much as possible, rolling them instead of 4 and 6 siders.  Dice manufacturers even have d12s with pips configured to show only 1-4, making them the dice of choice for rolling magic missile damage (they roll a lot better than the tetrahedrons).

12 sided dice are much more common now in 4e though, especially with the advent of Tempus paladins, avenger and clerics from Impiltur wielding fullblades…

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Discussion (7)¬

  1. Psyra says:

    One horse’s 6 is another frog’s 9…. :D

  2. Cedric says:

    I was worried that people wouldn’t get the joke.

  3. Tony says:

    Have you seen the Cheers episode where the bar raffles off a trip to Hawaii to come up with some extra cash? Woody draws the winning number: “Sixteen!…oops, no, that’s ninety one.”
    Rebecca ends up having to come up with a duplicate first place prize which eats up the profit the bar was supposed to make on the deal. The episode ends with Woody drawing the 2nd place prize: “And the winner is eleven! … Oh no, here we go again….”

  4. streep says:

    I could also be a greek letter sigma, albeit a poor one. It makes as much sense as a magic hat does, I think.

  5. Ty-Guy6 says:

    I didn’t get it until I read Psyra’s comment. I was seeing a 6 all the way. *sob* I was so happy, so innocent, so naive! WHY DOESN’T THE DIE HAVE UNDERSCORES?

  6. Cedric says:

    Tony, I remember that episode! Wow. That was actually a great show with a great cast of characters. It’s rather amazing how many stories they were able to tell without leaving the bar.

  7. Cedric says:

    Ty-Gu6, Heh. It doesn’t have an underscore to frustrate you! :)
    Don’t feel bad. My sister told me she didn’t get it either until much later.