Can you guess the word for which the following are euphemisms of?

  • A few fries short of a Happy Meal
  • Elevator don’t quite reach the top floor
  • Lights are on, but nobody’s home

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  1. Ty-Guy6

    Love that last panel. But I can’t guess the euphemisms. Are they supposed to be answers like “absent-minded” or something? Um… *thinks really hard* … I got nothing.

  2. Tony

    Not the sharpest tool in the shed….

  3. Cedric

    Yeah, Tony’s on the right track… :)

    Can anyone think of more?

    Canoeing without any oars.

  4. Ty-Guy6

    I think Coco is really cute in the hat; I kinda hope he gets to keep it. When Toad wears it, it looks like an extension of his head, but it looks out of place, and therefore charming, on Coco.

    Does Toad get to decide weapons by himself, or does Coco get some kind of veto?

  5. Cedric

    Wednesday’s strip will detail the choosing of the weapons and Friday’s will determine who gets the hat. Stay tuned!

  6. Zetal

    A few cattle short of a rodeo.
    Ain’t got the sense God gave a walnut.
    Couldn’t pour water out of a boot if you wrote instructions on the heel.

    Guess what state I’m from!

  7. Cedric

    The great nation of Texas? ;)

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